Women in HipHop-Lady Pink

Lady Pink is one of the first female Graffiti writers of her time. She got her hands on some cans in 1979, when she was 15 years old. In 1982, she was in the film, WildStyle, and in 1984, she was also featured in a book titled, Subway Art, by Martha Cooper. 

Lady Pink, no doubt, has paved a road for many female graffiti writers. Graffiti was a new art form at the time. No one really had an idea how far this new style of writing letters and using spray paint would go.

People like Martha Cooper, who followed many writers around, were able to document the process from the beginning. Lady Pink didn't know she was making history, she was busy just being an artist; using public spaces to make a statement. She sparked wonder and admiration from all the youngsters under her. She was definitely an "influencer" of her time. 

Lady Pink stood out amongst the guys simply because she was just as fearless as her male counterparts. She risked her freedom and her life, just to get to spots, or to cross rails, all to paint trains.

Here is a quote from Lady Pink off the Brooklyn Museum website:

"When I first started, women were still trying to prove themselves, through the 70’s, that women could do everything guys could do. The feminist movement was growing very strong and as a teenager I think it affected me without me realizing that I was a young feminist. The more guys said “you can’t do that”, the more I had to prove them wrong. I had to hold it up for all my sisters who looked up to me to be brave and courageous and to prove that I could do what guys could do. "

Over the years, Lady Pink has continued to practice her art, inspire the youth, and speak out as a Feminist Activist. She gives lectures in her spare time and is current working on a project with Louie Vuitton.

If you Google search, Lady Pink, you will find her official website, with all of her work from over the years.

We like to thank Lady Pink for what she has done for Graffiti and the HipHop culture.

 Go follow her instagram, ladypinknyc, to stay current with all of her latest projects. 



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