Women in HipHop-Martha Cooper


So we caught this Instagram post, on Sprayplanet, about Martha Cooper being made into a toy action figure. She comes equipped with a mini camera, MTN 94 cans, Wild Style Tee, and copies of Subway Art and HipHop Files.


The designer of this toy is by jaibantoys. This toy company only made one of these for Martha Cooper, and specifically for her birthday. She has turned 80 years young this year! What an amazing way to honor a woman who happen to document Graffiti as it was being born.

During the 1970's/'80's, she was introduced to DONDI, by Serrano. From there on, she became a huge fan of this new art form. She followed legends like, DONDI, around New York City. Then in 1984, she published a book called 'Subway Art'. Her book, captured early Graffiti in its full glory.

Martha Cooper is a woman that has proven to be a vital part of Graffiti and HipHop culture/history. With March being Woman's History Month, we would like to acknowledge Martha Cooper for all she has done for numerous artists around the world and the culture. Martha Cooper's love for photography, has internalize Graffiti writers forever. It's only right to design such an awesome collectable, like a Martha Cooper toy. I know we would like to get our hands on one! 

Happy 80th Birthday Martha Cooper! 

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