Super excited to announce "Chicago Vs. New York" Graffiti Battle, hosted by @BOONEAVENUEWALLS and @CATCHWRECKCREATIVES paint sponsored by @LOOPCOLORSUSA

It's going down April 28-30 in The Boogie Down Bronx. Style for style, pound for pound, city vs city in this epic showdown of skills. Huge shout out to Wen COD of Boone Avenue Walls for putting this together with us. Thank you to Havoc on the connection. 

Representing the Chicago team we have Task2, Yoki, Flask, Diems, Hatek, Serk, Uzem, Sips, Rawfa, Trixter & Haste.

Representing NYC, we have BG183, Bio, Blame, Nicer, Jew, Kerz, King Bee, Ovie, Wen, Penz & Such.

 This event shall be one for the history books. SEE U THERE!!!

Check out Boone Avenue online. Organized by WEN, Boone Ave is an annual Mural Fest that takes place in The Bronx. 


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