Best Graffiti Spots in Chicago 2022

Chicago is a hot spot for public graffiti & street art. There are 8,793 murals in Chicago, according to a website dedicated to public art in the US & Canada. That's a whole lot of paint, over a huge area. We've decided to help break down the best spots in Chicago, currently.

First, let's differentiate the main difference between graffiti and street art. Letters!!! We can go into a rabbit hole about this topic, but for now let's leave it at that. This blog post is focused on the best spots for seeing letters bending, raw styles, and pure hip hop in the form of aerosol art. Without further adieu, lets get into our list.


Crawford Steel Walls

This spot nestled in the Brighton Park community, is by far the largest and arguably the most iconic graffiti spot in the city. It began as the building itself, and eventually down 36th place. These walls have hosted countless artists from Chicago and around the world for over three decades. The Crawford Steel walls have been home to Meeting of Styles and other events, making it a staple of the graffiti community.


Project Logan


Project Logan, in Logan Square, is the largest rotating mural wall on the north side of Chicago. Curated by FLASH ABC & The Renegades of Funk, this space has been a huge part of the scene since the early 2010's, hosting hundreds, if not thousands of artists. The wall sees a new production every month from spring to fall, and hosts several events a year. The future for Project Logan though, is uncertain, as developers have moved into Logan Square and surrounding areas.


16th Walls- Pilsen



This space in Pilsen could technically qualify as 20 spots. This huge space runs along a rail line on 16th street from Wolcott to Union (1.5 miles). Here, there is a strangely perfect blend between permissive & illegal graffiti, street art, and older murals that outdate some of these terms. You'll find some artwork here that is unique as the Pilsen neighborhood is itself.


KCM Walls (26th Street) 

 Picture Credit- Melissa Brand


Little Village is a neighborhood filled with some amazing graffiti walls. The most prominent, in my opinion, are the KCM Walls, located near the county. Since 2014, this spot has been home to "Splash", the city's only all female graffiti jam. Several productions also take place here throughout the year.


 Back of the Yards Wall

The Back of the Yards Wall(s) is the newest addition to our list. The two spaces on the building & adjacent Orange Line retaining wall have given a new flavor to the Back of the Yards neighborhood. The recently acquired spot contains art from over 50 artists and counting.


93rd & Commercial- Steel City


 Last on our list but certainly not the least, Steel City. In the far southeast corner of Chicago, lies one of the dopest spots the city has to offer. The walls curated by Xmen crew, stretch a length almost too far to walk. Work by some of the city's best graffiti artists are on display here, from the recent Meeting of Styles event, that has been hosted here for the past few years.


Honorable Mentions

Bloomingdale Walls

Hubbard Street Murals

59th & Oakley

Wall of Style


This list is based on CURRENT graffiti spots in Chicago. We will be making another blog post from a more historical standpoint. The walls mentioned in this list are all privately curated. With that said, this list is intended for people wanting to photograph/ document the artwork, not for those looking to start their graffiti career. Thanks for the read!



Article written by Haste, Catch Wreck LLC 2022

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