All City Viaducks Recap

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to our Pop Up last month. We had a successful weekend with the release of a new collection titled “All City Viaducks” by Haste. The pop up from Nov 19-21 was full of friends, music and fun. Our DJs, Decent Genius and Jakemo really embodied who we are as a company with their playlists. For the pop up, we also had a sketch battle, which the winner won an ENTIRE p wall amongst other prizes. Shout out to Loop Colors USA for sponsoring that. Also shout out to Pest, the winner of our paint raffle. We raffled off 24 cans of paint at $1 per entry. Don’t snooze on the next one!

If you missed out and are interested in some merch, we do have a very limited supply left which is up on the site now. Once it’s gone it’s gone! Thanks again for everyone who came out to support and a special thank you to B Boy B who provided us with the space for the weekend. Peace!!!!!

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